Friday, June 22, 2012

Saturday Snapshot-CSA

This year we joined a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.  Our family has been on the waiting list for a few years now and this year we got an email saying that we had the opportunity to join if we were still interested.

Each week we go to the barn on our assigned day and pick up our share of vegetables.  Some of them are in the barn with clearly marked labels of how much we can take while others are in the fields to pick for ourselves.  My children love the picking part the most.  Last week we saw a family in a buggy go by

I'll have to share some of the recipes we've tried so far.  We've made Kale Chips, Country Cabbage Soup, Amish Coleslaw, Bokchoy and more.  Not all of them have been hits with my children, but we are all being exposed to vegetables we wouldn't normally be picking up.  Honestly I'm not sure I've even seen Bokchoy at the grocery store and I've never looked for kale.

The last two weeks they have been able to pick snap peas and strawberries, most of which are gone by the time we drive home.

Later on in the summer our fruit share starts, this is just our vegetable share, so I have a feeling once we are getting more fruit they may be finding more that they like.

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  1. My daughter has joined a "farm share" the past 2 years and loves it. Great shots

  2. Lovely pictures, and farmshare sounds a wonderful idea. My Saturday Snapshot post is at

  3. How interesting! I am not sure if you can do stuff like that around here. I have never heard of anyone doing it anyway...

    If your children would like a postcard from my neck of the woods let me know!

  4. My daughter has done a CSA season and she got some pretty interesting items. They are all over the place here where I live. I love your pictures!