Friday, September 6, 2013

Saturday Snapshot- Butterflies!

 Over Labor Day weekend we went to the local fair.  One of their exhibits was a butterfly farm.
You paid to go in and they gave you a q-tip soaked in Gatorade that attracts the butterflies.

As you walked around the landed on you or the stick or else you could try to pick them up from the plants and canvas walls.

They had different types of butterflies flying around for you to see and interact with.

This was our favorite attraction at the fair.


  1. I do love a butterfly farm! I've never seen the gatorade cotton bud trick before. Actually I find it a bit alarming that butterflies are attracted to gatorade. It's a shame that they can't use something more natural like honey or something.

  2. Oh, I love fairs and haven't been in years. We're having one next month here...and I should go. Thanks for that butterfly that landed on a

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. What a fun experience for your kids. I like the photo of the butterfly on the nose of the man. Have you read Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver? You might want to consider it, now that you've had this experience with butterflies.

  4. I have seen sugar water used before but not Gatorade. Same thing, I guess. :)
    Great fun for the kids.

  5. This is something I must find out more about. Wouldn't this be fun for our school?!

    Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Here's my Saturday Snapshot!

  6. What fun, love the photo with your hubby and the butterfly on his nose.

  7. What a great post. I do love butterflies, and monarchs are my favourite.

  8. The Gatorade-tipped cue tips sound so clever! I've been the butterfly exhibits, but I've never seen something like that. What a great way to have visitors interact.