Sunday, October 16, 2011

On My Mind

I've been realizing there are things that are not book related that I feel like sharing so, since it isn't like I manage to review seven books a week anyway, once a week I am going to give myself a chance to share something that has been on my mind.  This week it is cookies.  More specifically the cookies I bought at Target yesterday.

We were in our newly remodeled Target and I saw these on the shelf and my first thought was, "Those look just like Girl Scout Cookies" and not just any GS Cookies, but my favorites, Carmel Delites.  So I bought a box to give them a try.  Not only do they look like Carmel Delites, they taste like them too and have the same number of calories.  They even have similar names, both with the initials CD.

So now come cookie time I am going to be even less motivated to buy from my daughter knowing I can get my favorites for less at the store.  I am excited to know they are now available year round, but not so sure about how one company can make a cookie that is a copy of one made by another company.  I also bought a different kind that look just like Thin Mints, but we haven't given those a try yet!


  1. I bought these too for the very same reason! Those are my very favorite Girl Scout cookies so I was thrilled to find these in the store! I feel bad for the Girl Scouts who will lose sales but I'm very happy I can have them year round!

  2. Awesome discovery, as these are my favorite cookies as well!

  3. Now if only I could find a cookie that tastes like the Girl Scouts Lemon Cookie I'll be happy.