Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Upcoming Reviews! It's Monday (or Tuesday)! What are you reading?

Well, I've been reading but haven't posted any reviews.  There have been so many other things needing my time and attention.  I totally missed posting to this meme yesterday.  I did not meet my goals from last week, I only read one of the library books, but I got busy and got a kindle and I just HAD to play around with it.  So I read two, soon to be three, books on the Kindle and finished an audio book over the weekend.  My soon to be posted reviews are for:
1.  First Frost by Jennifer Estep
2. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
3.  Hank Zipper Day of the Iguana by Henry Winkler
4.  Romancing Snow White by Karen Kiefer

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